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Continuous Bar Material Heating Furnace

Continuous Bar Material Heating Furnace

The continuous bar heating furnace is composed of several parts such as an intermediate frequency induction heating power supply, an input and output rack, an induction heating system, an infrared temperature measurement system, etc. The processed bar has good toughness and ductility, and the bar is continuous Because the heating furnace has a certain degree of work hardening, the toughness is low, but it can achieve a better yield ratio. The continuous bar heating furnace adopts the American Leitai thermometer to control the temperature of the bar, heating is uniform, and the qualified rate of finished products is high.

Features of continuous bar heating furnace:

1. The continuous heating furnace for bar materials has high heating temperature, good heat transmission performance, and non-contact heating, which makes the workpiece heated more uniformly.

2. Careful design of the inductor has high heating efficiency and fast heating speed; the temperature is easy to control.

3. According to customer needs, the workpiece can be heated as a whole or locally;

4. The temperature control of the whole set of bar continuous heating furnace is highly accurate, and it is fully automatic and intelligent.

5. The working environment is good, and the continuous heating furnace for bar materials is pollution-free and low energy consumption;

6. The work area is small and the production efficiency is high;

7. It can heat workpieces with complex shapes;

8. The workpiece is easy to heat evenly, and the product quality is good;

9. It adopts PLC man-machine interface control, fully automatic, intelligent and easy to operate.