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The price of buying a chiller is too low, what should I be wary of

The price of buying a chiller is too low, what should I be wary of?

As the market for chillers has grown larger, many chiller manufacturers have begun to spring up like bamboo shoots, making the quality of chillers vary from good to bad. Many small factories and small workshops

Use some low prices to lure consumers to buy, but ignore the subsequent problems and ignore the after-sales. How can a chiller with a low quotation reduce the cost? When buying a chiller, the quotation is too low, what should I be wary of?

1. Only sell equipment, not after-sales. For a chiller, after-sales is a very critical part. For example, the condenser, pipes, and cooling towers of a water-cooled chiller need to be imported by the chiller manufacturer.

Perform a regular cleanup. Many problems need to be analyzed and solved by professionals. How to ensure the reliable operation of the chiller without a stable after-sales service? Some small factories and small workshops only sell but not after-sales, the equipment is poor, and the equipment is not after-sale if there is a problem;

2. Cut corners. For example, if high imitation accessories are used on the main components of air-cooled chillers, such as compressors, fans, evaporators, etc., when the chiller is purchased, the price is too low. You should pay attention to the accessories and check the qualifications of the accessories;

3. Second-hand refurbished machines. Second-hand refurbished machines are more common in the mobile phone industry, but this is also the case in the cold water machine industry. Unscrupulous manufacturers buy second-hand

After refurbishing, sell the second-hand chiller as a new chiller. If you don’t pay attention, you will buy a refurbished chiller. Please pay more attention when buying.