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Precautions for alumina crucible

Precautions for alumina crucible

Corundum crucible can be used for the melting and sintering of some alkaline fluxes, but the temperature should not be too high, and the time should be as short as possible. In some cases, it can replace nickel and platinum crucibles, but the measurement of aluminum and aluminum interferes with the measurement. Cannot be used under.

What is the difference between low temperature alumina and high temperature alumina

Both low-temperature alumina and high-temperature alumina belong to alumina, and there are many crystal forms. The change of temperature can realize the transformation between substances, and the low-temperature alumina can be converted into α-crystal alumina after high-temperature calcination.

High temperature alumina is white powder, which is calcined by alumina. In reality, high-temperature alumina is mostly used, and low-temperature products may be added with other trace elements.