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Forming lining for coreless induction furnace

Forming lining for coreless induction furnace

This product uses high-purity fused magnesia and fused corundum as the main raw materials, through optimizing the particle gradation and strengthening the matrix composition, it has the characteristics of high density, corrosion resistance, and peeling resistance. Compared with traditional ramming furnace lining, this product has the following advantages:

The coreless induction furnace can be assembled and installed and disassembled more quickly and conveniently. After the furnace is built, it is free to bake, and is directly sent to the normal melting power for smelting; smelting is more time-saving and electricity-saving; because of the safety backing, It is safer to use.


1. The size of the forming crucible is determined according to the actual size of the user’s furnace;

2. It can be produced according to the special requirements of customers.