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High alumina brick purchase skills

High alumina brick purchase skills

1. Appearance color and surface lubricity

Seeing a high alumina brick, we first see its appearance, color and surface lubricity. When the quality of some high alumina bricks is not good, the external lubrication will be poor, and the strength of the high alumina brick will be poor.

Few people know how to purchase high alumina bricks. The uniformity of the appearance and color of high alumina refractory bricks shows whether the materials are evenly mixed during production. The uneven distribution of materials will result in uneven distribution of the strength of high alumina bricks. Then reduce the overall strength and service life of the high alumina brick;

2, external impurities

In addition, it is to look at the content of impurities on the surface of high alumina bricks. In high alumina bricks, we often see some black spots on the surface. These are the impurities in the raw materials. Theoretically, the fewer impurities, the better, because there are more impurities. It is iron oxide, which is simply reduced to molten iron flowing out in the high temperature environment of the kiln, causing damage to the structure of the high alumina brick, and then affecting the service life of the high alumina brick.

As an industrial product, the quality of high-alumina bricks directly affects the production safety and production cost of the enterprise. Inferior high-alumina bricks will not only cause various repair strikes in production, increase production costs, but also cause construction Increased more unpredictable safety hazards in production.