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Induction melting furnace inspection method

Induction melting furnace inspection method

After the induction melting furnace is installed, a comprehensive inspection of the equipment power supply system is required.

Cut off the power supply of the induction melting furnace, open the power cabinet door and carefully tighten the bolts; check and tighten the crimping parts: the bolt contacts are loose; poor contact should be repaired in time; replacement, do not use reluctantly, so as to avoid greater accidents. In particular, always check whether the contact of the main contactor is oxidized; if it is loose, remove the problem in time to prolong the service life of the induction melting furnace and ensure the safe and reliable operation of the induction melting furnace.

Clean the dust in the power cabinet, especially the outside of the silicon control element die, wipe it clean with alcohol. Dust will reduce the insulation performance of electrical components, and surface discharge of components often occurs when there is a lot of dust and the air humidity is high.

Check whether the wiring of the load is intact and whether the insulation is reliable. Check whether the SCR control lead is in contact with the anode of the component: Use a multimeter R×K to measure the resistance between the cathode and anode of the SCR to determine the judgment. The rectifier thyristor should be several hundred KΩ, and the inverter thyristor should be dozens of KΩ. Then use the R×1 file to check whether there is a short circuit or open circuit between the control electrode and the cathode of the thyristor. If there is any problem, troubleshoot it.

Plastic wires; plastic water pipes must not collide with heating electrical components. Check whether the resistance-capacitance branch on the inverter thyristor of the induction melting furnace is loose or poorly contacted, the copper busbar; whether the cable is in good condition and whether the capacitor bracket insulator is good.

Check whether the power supply circuit of the induction melting furnace is well connected and whether the cable is laid safely. The three-phase incoming lines should be connected according to the phase sequence marked at the position of the incoming line. Check the buttons on the control panel of the intermediate frequency power supply. The power adjustment potentiometer when the induction melting furnace is in standby mode Should be at the zero position.