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Stainless steel plate heating furnace


Stainless steel plate heating furnace

Manufacturing process of stainless steel plate heating furnace inductor:

The ratio of the inner diameter of the inductor coil to the outer diameter of the blank is within a reasonable range and is designed according to the process parameters provided by the user. The inductor coil is made of a large cross-section T2 rectangular copper tube after annealing treatment, winding, pickling, water pressure test, baking, mica tape, etc. through multiple insulation, drying, knotting, assembly and other major manufacturing processes to complete, and then It is fixed as a whole, and the whole inductor of the steel plate heating equipment is finished into a rectangular parallelepiped, which has good vibration resistance and integrity.

Features of stainless steel plate heating furnace:

1. The equipment is environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and energy-saving;

2. Stable performance. Complete protection and high security;

3. Fast heating speed, no oxide layer, no bending, no deformation;

4. Beautiful appearance, less land occupation and convenient installation.

5. The inductor is isolated by a transformer, which is safe and reliable.

6. No noise and dust, no pollution, and environmental protection.

7. The stainless steel plate heating furnace is designed with inductors according to user requirements, which has strong adaptability.

8. The heating temperature and time are accurate and controllable, and the quality is high.

9. The program is controlled by PLC and equipped with a man-machine interface, which is convenient for parameter setting and modification.