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How is the quality of Chinese refractory bricks?

How is the quality of Chinese refractory bricks?

Pretty good,

First: Look at the impurity ratio of refractory bricks. Generally speaking, impurities will be generated during the sintering process of refractory bricks strictly according to the proportion of ingredients, which is no problem. However, some manufacturers often do not produce according to the proportion of materials used, so that the sintered refractory bricks do not have a hard structure, which makes the quality of the sintered bricks not acceptable, and finally deceives consumers with high prices. So when you buy refractory bricks, you can check it through its surface. Generally, the surface of refractory bricks with high impurity content will be very rough, while those of high quality refractory bricks have uniform color and smooth surface, which we can intuitively distinguish from the surface.

The second is the sintering experiment of refractory bricks. This method is the most effective. Generally, when we buy refractory bricks, we will take samples for testing in advance. Especially before we decide to buy, we must let the manufacturer conduct a high temperature test to check whether the sintering index of the refractory brick is the same as the standard index. As long as the experimental results have little deviation, the quality of the bricks is still acceptable, which is also a good method. If you have any doubts about the first method, you can use the second method for testing.

Third: It is to weigh the unit weight. Generally, there will be several unit weights for high-grade aluminum, and the price will be different if the unit weight is different. In the face of customers who do not understand, they often deceive consumers with shoddy goods.

Fourth: Look at the color of the refractory bricks. The quality of the refractory bricks is easy to distinguish by the color. Often the refractory bricks with high aluminum content will turn blue and white. To

Fifth: Look at the regularity of the bricks, whether the surface is too rough, and the missing corners are few. To

The most important thing is that the average trader may still fetch water and increase the unit weight. Therefore, it is better to find a manufacturer to buy bricks, and at least there is quality assurance.