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Introduction to Phlogopite Board

Introduction to Phlogopite Board

Phlogopite mica board is a plate-shaped insulating material made of mica paper made of high-quality mica mineral materials, and then combined with high-performance adhesives under high temperature and pressure. It has excellent heat resistance, flame resistance and electrical insulation.


The heat-resistant phlogopite soft board has uniform thickness, good electrical properties and mechanical strength; it is a new type of electric and thermal insulation material board. It is widely used in electric appliances such as hair dryers, toasters, electric irons, heaters, rice cookers, ovens, rice cookers, heaters, microwave ovens, plastic heating rings, electric heating equipment frames and other electrical products.


The long-term working temperature of phlogopite mica board is 800℃, and the most commonly used mica board thickness is between 0.1-2.0mm. Generally divided into hard board and soft board. The difference between them is that the hard board cannot be bent, while the soft board can be bent to a 10mm cylinder.


Packing: Generally 50kg/bag. 1000kg is a pallet, wooden pallet or iron pallet.


Storage: Store at room temperature, no expiration date.