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Steel rod heating furnace for forging

Steel rod heating furnace for forging

Advantages of forging steel rod heating furnace:

1. Save electric energy. The design of IGBT components can save 30% of electricity.

2. The steel rod heating furnace for forging has stable performance and perfect protection. The steel rod forging induction furnace will not stop working for no reason.

3. The heating speed is fast, the oxide layer is small, and the deformation is small.

4. Small size, light weight and simple installation.

5. The steel rod heating furnace for forging is environmentally friendly, noise-free, dust-free and pollution-free.

6. Suitable for a wide range of applications and materials.

Steel rod heating furnace for forging is suitable for:

1. In the field of diathermic forging, hot upsetting of standard parts, etc.;

2. Hot upsetting of high-strength bolts and nuts. Hot bending and hot heading of U-shaped bolts, etc.;

3. Diathermic forging of auto and motorcycle parts and various general parts that require diathermic forging;

4. Heating rolling lugs of automobile leaf springs are bent, and round billets are forged by heat transfer;

5. Heating equipment for extrusion, rotary forming, cutting, bending and torsion forming;

6. Mechanical press; automatic forging press; hydraulic press; forming equipment;

7. Forging hammer; forging machine; shearing machine; bending straightening machine;

8. Uncoiling and leveling equipment for coils and plates; riveting machines; energy-saving technology for industrial furnaces for forging;

9. Forging molds and repairing technical equipment; forging automation control equipment.