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Why does the refrigerator compressor need full protection? What are the main protective measures?

Why does the refrigerator compressor need full protection? What are the main protective measures?

The reason why the compressor needs all-round protection is that the compressor is the core of the entire refrigeration system of the refrigerator cycle. Whether the compressor can operate normally or not is related to the normal operation of the refrigeration system of the refrigerator. Therefore, the compressor is very important.

Compressors often have various protection measures. The most important and well-known ones are suction and discharge pressure protection, and discharge temperature protection, etc. Since the suction temperature will not be too high, there is generally no suction temperature protection. , Only the temperature protection at the exhaust end, and the pressure protection at both ends of the suction and exhaust.

In addition to the most common temperature and pressure protection mentioned above, there is also protection against oil pressure difference. The advantage of oil pressure difference protection is that it can ensure that the normal operation of the refrigerator compressor is stopped when the refrigerating lubricant is not supplied in time. If the compressor is working without sufficient, normal supply of refrigerating lubricant, serious failures will occur.

In addition to the above aspects, there are other different devices for compressor protection. According to different compressors, the protection devices are also different. The protection of compressors for refrigerators can be described as complete in categories and comprehensive protection, but daily use During the refrigeration process, it is still necessary to manually confirm whether the compressor is operating normally or not. It is not possible to completely rely on the compressor’s protection device. If problems are found, they should be dealt with in time.