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Importance of daily maintenance of induction melting furnace

Importance of daily maintenance of induction melting furnace

In the daily production of induction melting furnace, in addition to operating the induction melting furnace correctly and reasonably, the operating staff must also carefully and carefully do the daily maintenance of the induction melting furnace. During the operation of the induction melting furnace, due to system failure, component failure, mechanical loss or chemical corrosion, etc., it will inevitably cause abnormal operation. In order to avoid rapid damage and prevent the expansion of faults, maintenance work must be done during daily use.

The main content of the daily maintenance of induction melting furnace is cleaning, dust removal, corrosion protection and adjustment. The factory should provide sufficient technical documents (such as operating procedures, maintenance items and instruction charts, etc.) for the induction melting furnace punch operators. When the induction melting furnace produced by Yuantuo Electromechanical is delivered to the customer

At that time, we will explain to customers the matters that should be paid attention to in the maintenance of induction melting furnace, which greatly improves the service life of induction melting furnace.

In order to do a good job of maintenance, the factory should formulate various maintenance systems, regularly maintain the induction melting furnace, and make a suitable maintenance system for regular maintenance according to the maintenance instructions provided by the induction melting furnace manufacturer. However, no matter what kind of maintenance system is formulated, the scope and content of various maintenance work should be correctly specified, and in particular, the boundary between “maintenance” and “repair” should be distinguished. Otherwise, it is easy to cause disconnection or duplication of maintenance and repair, or due to the wide range and too much content, the actual workload that belongs to the maintenance scope is difficult to adhere to for a long time, and it is easy to become a formality, and it will bring about quota management and planned management. Many inconveniences.

Generally speaking, the main responsibility of maintenance is to create a good operating environment for the induction melting furnace. The main items of maintenance work should not be too many, simple and easy to do, the key is to be able to persist for a long time. Most of the maintenance parts are on the outside of the induction melting furnace, and there is no need to disassemble, and can be completed without affecting the operation, and there is no need to deliberately arrange the maintenance time. The material consumed for each maintenance work is not too much, simple and easy.