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Brand manufacturer of steel quenching equipment

Brand manufacturer of steel quenching equipment

Our company’s main business: steel quenching equipment, section steel heating furnace, rolling steel ingot heating furnace, medium frequency angle steel heating and bending equipment, die steel quenching equipment, steel bar heating furnace, steel pipe heating equipment, steel bar quenching heat treatment equipment, steel pipe heat treatment production line, Steel plate heat treatment equipment, billet heating furnace, rebar hot rolling heating equipment, stainless steel temperature raising equipment and other related induction heating equipment, induction heat treatment equipment, provide perfect induction heating equipment solutions and high-quality and high-efficiency steel quenching equipment, provide a full range of services, avoid Your worries about using steel quenching equipment!

Features of steel quenching equipment:

1. New induction heating technology for steel quenching equipment, IGBT water-cooled induction heating power supply control, high cost performance, low power consumption and high productivity.

2. Man-machine interface PLC automatic intelligent control program, one person can operate the production of the whole set of steel quenching equipment.

3. The qualified rate of finished products is high. The steel intermediate frequency quenching equipment is equipped with an infrared temperature measurement system to monitor the workpiece in real time, and the heating uniformity is high.

4. Fast heating speed, less oxidation and decarburization, and smooth surface of the workpiece.

5. The self-protection function of the steel quenching equipment is complete, and the cause of the failure will be displayed if a failure occurs.