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Three minutes to tell you how to use the freezer for a long time

Three minutes to tell you how to use the freezer for a long time!

Water chillers, another nickname for industrial chillers, when it comes to chillers, chillers generally refer to industrial chillers. Enterprises and companies buy water chillers, definitely because the manufacturing industry (such as food, electroplating, etc.) requires refrigeration. The price of chillers is not cheap, especially some screw type, dual-purpose temperature control, modular type, etc. The chiller composed of the water chiller can be said to be a large-scale common equipment.

Buying a chiller at a high price must definitely hope that the refrigeration effect is strong, and that it can be used for a longer period of time. If a major failure occurs in two or three years and affects the refrigeration effect, it must be the selected product or manufacturer. For industrial chillers to be durable, in addition to their own quality assurance, there are two points that need to be paid attention to.

1. Regularly maintain and maintain the chiller. The high-frequency and long-term operation of industrial refrigeration equipment will inevitably cause some minor problems. As long as you do regular maintenance and maintenance, you can avoid it. This is mentioned in the previous article. The maintenance of the chiller will not be explained in detail here;

2. In addition to regular maintenance, the construction of the machine room before installation of the chiller is also a very important condition. Some small industrial chillers can be installed on-site in the workshop without an external computer room, but some large industrial chillers cannot be placed indoors and need to be placed outside. In this case, a computer room is generally built for the chiller, then What should I pay attention to when building a computer room?

(1) In addition to placing the chiller in the room of the machine room, a certain place should be reserved for future maintenance work;

(2) The ground of the machine room must be smooth and stable;

(3) Exhaust fans can be installed in the machine room under conditions to maintain air circulation;

Building an external computer room for the chiller does not mean that the quality of the chiller is not good. A good quality chiller can also be directly externally placed outdoors, but one more computer room is equivalent to a barrier to avoid rain corrosion and sun exposure. Etc., especially if it is a rainstorm, if rainwater enters the control panel of the chiller, it will cause a dead screen and fail to start the industrial chiller.