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How to tie knots without affecting the service life of the furnace?

How to tie knots without affecting the service life of the furnace?

1. The most basic is of course the standard operation process, but in addition, there are many precautions in the knotting process of the induction furnace ramming material. For example, to ensure that the power supply and water supply system are perfect before knotting, it is also necessary to pass the staff on each project in advance to make preparations in advance. Of course, it also includes that the staff are not allowed to carry any combustibles to the work site, of course, it also includes some items such as mobile phones and keys.

2. The process of adding sand to the ramming material of the induction furnace is a more stringent process. For example, the sand must be added at one time and should not be added in batches. Of course, when adding sand, ensure that the sand is flat on the bottom of the furnace. Do not pile up in a pile, otherwise it will cause the particle size of the sand to separate.

3. When tying the knot, we must operate it in the manner of shaking first and then shaking. And pay attention to the technique, to ensure that the operation process should be light first and then heavier. And the joystick must be inserted to the bottom once, and every time the stick is inserted, it must be shaken eight to ten times.

4. After the stove bottom is finished, be sure to put it in the dry pot steadily. Only in this way can it be ensured that the forming is relatively standard, and it will generally be a standard annular triangle ring. Of course, there are many steps that need to be paid attention to throughout the knotting process. And every step cannot be ignored.