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Selection of square tube quenching and tempering equipment manufacturers

Selection of square tube quenching and tempering equipment manufacturers

1. Complete equipment types and good quality

There are complete types of induction heating equipment. According to the different production needs of users, there are steel rod heating equipment, steel pipe heating furnace, billet heating equipment, steel bar hot rolling equipment, aluminum rod hot cutting equipment, etc., for more users with different needs. At the same time, the equipment They are all made with sophisticated craftsmanship and high-quality materials, with stronger and more reliable quality and longer average lifespan.

2. The price is super affordable

Songdao Technology’s steel pipe quenching and tempering treatment equipment is more affordable and more affordable than other manufacturers of the same type of equipment. This is because the manufacturers independently research and develop, design, produce, and uniformly sell the equipment. There are no too many circulation links, and there will be no processing manufacturers, The distributor makes the difference.

3. Better service

The manufacturer will provide users with excellent pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services to quickly solve equipment purchase and use problems. Pre-sales, free guidance for customers to select models, and select to achieve customer site on-site planning, design and layout procedures, plans; after-sales, provide a complete set of square tube quenching and tempering equipment transportation, installation, repair, maintenance, all in the interests of customers first.