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What are the advantages of SMC insulation board?

What are the advantages of SMC insulation board?

1. It has good air permeability, water resistance, cold resistance, electrical insulation and thermal insulation properties of the SMC insulating rubber sheet.

2. Has good flexibility. Stretching under the action of external force will form crystals. Self-reinforcing is great; average molecular weight is great.

3. Because of its wide molecular weight distribution, it is easy to be used with fillers and most other rubbers, and it is easy to perform mechanical processing and pasting molding such as calendering and extrusion.

4. Natural rubber is a kind of crystalline rubber. This gives it high mechanical strength. Therefore, it has good processing performance. Good dispersibility and co-solubility with compounding agents.

5. It is a better heat insulation, waterproof and heat preservation material.