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How to measure the temperature of the muffle furnace

How to measure the temperature of the muffle furnace

Everyone knows that the muffle furnace is a commonly used heating equipment in the laboratory heat treatment workshop. Most of the traditional refractory brick muffle furnaces are still in use. This kind of shell is hot and the wiring trouble is a problem encountered by many users.

The furnace temperature of the muffle furnace is generally measured with a thermocouple and displayed on the temperature control meter. The temperature measurement ring can also be used to measure the temperature of the muffle furnace. During the measurement, put the temperature measuring ring in the corundum sagger and put the lid into the furnace, and then start to raise the temperature. After reaching the set value, keep it warm for 1 hour and then cool the electric furnace. After the furnace cools down, open the lid of the sagger and take out the temperature measuring ring.

Use a micrometer to measure the diameter of the temperature measuring ring several times, take the average value, and read the temperature against the comparison table of the temperature measuring ring. Then record it. It is more accurate to use the temperature measuring ring to measure the temperature. The commonly used term is the temperature calibration of the muffle furnace, and it is also used for the measurement of the temperature field of the muffle furnace.

The high-temperature muffle furnace we produce is equipped with a high-performance circuit breaker, which will automatically trip and cut off in the event of a short circuit or excessive current. In addition, our company also provides customers with additional extended functions, such as opening the door and powering off, etc. Customers can choose whether to install them according to the process requirements. After all, the safety of a qualified muffle furnace comes first.