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What are the basic knowledge of industrial chiller installation?

What are the basic knowledge of industrial chiller installation?

The chiller manufacturer divides it into the following 6 steps. At the same time, please strictly abide by the standardized transportation and installation operations to avoid damage to the product during transportation. After installation, the manufacturer resolves the equipment to calibrate and check the correct side before handing over. .

1. Before installing the industrial chiller, choose a large uneven yard, and be able to mortar again to make a good foundation to ensure the flatness of the ground. After the air-cooled industrial chiller is installed, there is a need for leisure space to benefit the future Regular maintenance, and ensure that the ground can bear the operating net weight of the refrigeration unit;

2. Regardless of any load conditions, ensure that the water output of the air-cooled chiller is normal and stable;

3. The model and specification of the water tank of the industrial chiller are different, and the inlet and outlet pipes are different. When installing, choose the hose that matches the pipe and connect it correctly;

4. The design and installation of all refrigerated water pipelines of industrial chillers should be carried out in accordance with relevant standards. The circulating pump should be located on the water inlet of the generator set to ensure the blower and reserve of the generator set;

5. The pipes of the industrial chiller should have a solid support point separate from the water tank to avoid shear force generated on the components of the air-cooled chiller. In order to reduce noise and vibration, it is better to install a vibration isolator on the pipeline;

6. In order for the air-cooled industrial chiller to operate stably and ensure the normal use of various components, the quality of the water that is not acceptable can be treated to avoid various dirt or corrosive deposits and the existence of pipes, air-conditioning evaporators, and coolers. Affects the heat transfer effect, and also avoids the need to spend extra maintenance costs in the middle and late maintenance.

The above is the basic knowledge of industrial chiller installation, have you learned it?