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Should choose the right muffle furnace pressure gauge

Should choose the right muffle furnace pressure gauge

Muffle furnace, muffle furnace means bag, electric furnace is stove, it means stove. The common names of muffle furnaces in China are as follows: electric furnace, resistance furnace, thatch furnace, hemp furnace. The muffle furnace is a universal heating equipment, which can be divided into box furnace, tube furnace and furnace according to its shape.

We should choose the correct pressure gauge for the muffle furnace to determine the type, range, range, accuracy and sensitivity, size of the instrument and whether it needs remote transmission to indicate, record, adjust, alarm and other functions.

In the process of industrial process control and technical measurement, the tubular pressure cooker is easy to produce due to its high mechanical strength and the elastic sensitive parts of the mechanical pressure gauge, and thus become more popular.

For stress testing, a measurement system is actually needed to achieve it. In order to make accurate measurements, in addition to the correct selection and verification of the instrument, attention must be paid to the correct installation of the entire system. If only the seismic pressure gauge itself is accurate, its indication cannot fully represent the actual parameters of the measured medium, because the error of the measurement system is not equal to the error of the instrument.