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Structural features of 2200℃ high temperature sintering furnace

Structural features of 2200℃ high temperature sintering furnace:

1. Using our company’s self-made tungsten tube thermocouple, the temperature can be controlled directly from low temperature to high temperature, and the temperature can be used up to 2200 degrees.

2. Energy-saving tungsten mesh heating body, combined with improved anti-deformation all-metal heat shield, prolongs the service life of the equipment.

3. Loading and unloading at the bottom to prevent damage to the heating body and high-temperature metal materials in the furnace.

4. Multiple protection measures can prevent errors and make the use more assured.

5. If hydrogen is required, an automatic hydrogen ignition device can be selected.

Main parameters of 2200℃ high temperature sintering furnace:

1. Temperature type: 1600℃, 2000℃, 2200℃

2. Rated pressure: 3MPa

3. Furnace size: designed according to user needs

4. Furnace material: double furnace technical structure constructed by vacuum forming ceramic fiber material and hollow sphere alumina. Obtained provincial scientific and technological achievements.

5. Heating element: 1700 and 1800 silicon molybdenum rods

6. Control performance: programmable to meet 50-segment continuous temperature control and constant temperature requirements, PID self-tuning function, manual/automatic non-interference switching function, temperature compensation, over-temperature alarm function.