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High temperature insulation characteristics of Chinese mica board

High temperature insulation characteristics of Chinese mica board

1. Product overview

The mica board product is made of mica paper and organic silica gel water bonded, heated and restricted. The mica content is about 90%, and the organic silica gel water content is 10%.

Second, the characteristics of mica board

1. HP-5 hard board, the product is silver-white, temperature resistance grade: 500℃ under continuous use conditions, and 850℃ under intermittent use conditions.

2. HP-8 hardness gold plate, the product is golden, temperature resistance grade: temperature resistance of 850℃ under continuous use conditions, and 1050℃ temperature resistance under intermittent use conditions.

3. Excellent high temperature resistance insulation function, the highest temperature resistance is up to 1000 ℃, in the high temperature insulation material guess, it has a good cost performance.

4. Excellent electrical insulation function, the withstand voltage breakdown target of general products is as high as 20KV/mm.

5. Excellent bending strength and processing function. The product has high bending strength and excellent durability. It can be processed in various shapes without delamination.

6.Excellent environmental protection function. The product does not contain asbestos, and it emits less smoke and odor when heated, and is even smokeless and tasteless.