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How to save energy in induction melting furnace?

How to save energy in induction melting furnace?

The induction melting furnace uses about 500kwh of electricity to melt one ton of iron. The induction melting furnace is energy-saving, which can reduce the production cost of the enterprise, improve the competitiveness, and has great benefits.

There are the following ways to save energy in induction melting furnace:

1. Improve the configuration of the whole machine, such as enlarging the induction coil, the copper tube of the reactor, the installed copper plate, the induction furnace shell and other parts, which can reduce the loss, and the melting of each ton of steel can save about 30 degrees to 80 degrees.

2. P (power loss) = I x I (square of current) x R (equivalent resistance of the whole machine). It can be seen from the above formula that I (current) is reduced by 2 times, and P (power loss) is reduced by 4 Times. Therefore, reducing the current has a better power saving effect, I (current) is reduced by 2 times, and electricity can be saved by 80 degrees to 150 degrees per ton of steel melted.

3. Increasing the melting speed of the induction melting furnace can reduce the loss, because during the heating process of the induction melting furnace, there is also heat dissipation, some of the heat is lost to the air, and the other part is taken away by the cooling water. The faster the smelting speed, the shorter the smelting time, and the shorter the time for the same heat dissipation.