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What is glass fiber epoxy glass fiber rod

What is glass fiber epoxy glass fiber rod

Glass fiber is one of the main components of epoxy glass fiber rod, so what is glass fiber rod?

Glass is a kind of easily broken substance, just like the glass in our house, it is very brittle and rotten when you knock it, but after heat treatment, it will be very soft after being drawn into hair-like fibers, but Very tough, just like stainless steel wire. That is to heat the glass and then pull it into

Filament can become glass fiber. Because it is very tough, it has a wide range of uses.

For example, if you pull a piece of tough glass fiber into a rope, it will not be afraid of pulling it. Whether it is a truck or a crane full of Dangdang, you can use the glass rope, and its heat resistance is very good! No matter how high your temperature is, it will not melt.