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Precautions for the use of vacuum atmosphere furnace

Precautions for the use of vacuum atmosphere furnace

1. Before heating the vacuum atmosphere furnace, the cooling pipe must be connected to the cooling liquid to circulate cooling. When the temperature is not high, it can also be cooled by water circulation. When raising temperature, please pay attention to the atmosphere protection or vacuum state. It is strictly forbidden to heat up in the non-atmosphere protection and non-vacuum state or putting in objects with gas expansion.

2. When the furnace is vacuumed, it should not exceed two scales of the pointer (if it exceeds two scales of the vacuum gauge when the vacuum is drawn, it will damage the vacuum atmosphere furnace). When the pointer of the vacuum gauge drops close to two divisions, stop pumping and charging. Fill in the inert gas, make the pointer return to 0 or slightly greater than 0, then pump and inflate, reciprocating 3 to 5 times to ensure that the protective gas in the furnace cavity has a certain concentration.

3. When the workpiece does not need atmosphere protection, the vacuum atmosphere furnace should be connected to the inlet pipe, filled with degrading gas, and slightly released the gas outlet valve. When the gas charged is greater than the furnace volume, the gas outlet valve should be closed. The observation pressure gauge should be greater than “0” Less than two blocks.

4. The shell of the vacuum atmosphere furnace must be effectively grounded to ensure safe use; the furnace body should be placed in a well-ventilated room, and no flammable and explosive materials should be placed around it; The furnace body dissipates heat.