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The “cold knowledge” of the chiller you don’t know

The “cold knowledge” of the chiller you don’t know

First, the naming problem.

The common so-called water-cooled chillers, air-cooled chillers, box chillers, open chillers, screw chillers are actually named in different ways, such as water-cooled and air-cooled. It is named after the heat dissipation method of the condenser, while the box type and open type are named according to the structure, and the screw and piston are named after the type of compressor.

Therefore, it is impossible to compare the water-cooled ice water machine with the screw ice water machine, or the screw ice water machine and the box-type ice water machine, because there is no comparison between different naming methods, just like the box-type ice water machine. It may also include a screw chiller.

Secondly, each component is not divided into primary or secondary.

The compressor is the core component of the ice water machine. However, the various components of the ice water machine cannot be divided into primary and secondary points, because the ice water machine is not the core component of the importance, and the various components only work together. The machine can normally produce cold capacity and provide services for enterprises.

In addition, the “frozen water” of the chiller, that is, the medium that carries the cooling capacity, is not necessarily water. This is determined by the cooling capacity of the chiller. In some refrigeration situations, such as below 0 degrees Celsius, if the chilled water If the real “water” is still used, freezing will definitely occur. At this time, it will be replaced with other liquids that will not freeze at zero degrees Celsius as frozen water, that is, the medium for carrying and transporting cold energy.

Let me say one more-the ice water machine is not in use, and maintenance is required.

Finally, the refrigerant of the ice water machine, under normal circumstances, does not need to be added.

If the chiller system does not leak, the refrigerant pipelines, storage tanks, pipes, compressor working chambers and other refrigerants will pass and work in the place where there is no leakage, the chiller theoretically does not need to add refrigerant, even if it is missing, it is It’s a trace amount, it takes a long time to add.