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The key to continuous upgrading of steel rod induction heating furnace

The key to continuous upgrading of steel rod induction heating furnace

For a long time, the first thing people think of in the heat treatment industry is high labor intensity, high noise, and high risk. With the use of automatic equipment such as steel pipe induction heating equipment, steel plate tempering equipment, and steel rod induction heating furnaces in the heat treatment industry, this situation has been greatly improved. Automation equipment not only replaces manual labor intensity, but also increases production efficiency. Improve, but also greatly reduce energy waste.

However, with the development of the industry, people’s demands for environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency are constantly increasing. The standard type of induction heating furnace is far from being able to meet market demand. The heat treatment industry needs to continuously improve intelligent induction heating equipment. Therefore, energy-saving and environmentally friendly intelligent induction heating furnaces will have broad development prospects.

At present, the speed of R&D and production of intelligent induction heating equipment is continuously increasing. From the initial manual metal workpiece production line to the later semi-automatic metal workpiece heating production line, to the current automatic induction heating furnace heat treatment furnace. After long-term continuous improvement, they have not only improved the speed, accuracy and stability, but also made major breakthroughs in energy conservation and environmental protection, which is the key to promoting the continuous upgrading of induction heating furnaces.