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Steel pipe quenching furnace

Steel pipe quenching furnace

Specializing in the production of steel pipe quenching furnace, round steel pipe quenching and tempering line, we can provide you with systematic process development, complete engineering design, steel pipe quenching furnace manufacturing, debugging and maintenance, after-sales service, etc., please consult for details of round steel pipe quenching and tempering line Yuantuo mechanical and electrical technicians, we provide reasonable quotations and solutions related to induction heating equipment.

Execution standard of steel pipe quenching furnace:

1. JB/T4086-85 “Technical Conditions of Electric Control Equipment for Intermediate Frequency Induction Heating”

2.GB/T10067.3-2005 “Basic technical conditions for electric heating equipment•Induction electric heating equipment”

3.GB/T10063.3-88 “Test Methods for Electric Heating Equipment”

4.GB/T5959.3-88 “Safety of Electric Heating Equipment”

Features of steel pipe quenching furnace:

1. We can provide a complete set of steel pipe quenching furnace, including automatic feeding system, transmission system, quenching system, cooling system, automatic discharge system, IGBT power supply and PLC full process control.

2. The transmission speed of the steel pipe quenching heat treatment equipment is adjustable, so that the round steel pipe quenching and tempering equipment can meet the requirements of different customers for the production speed.

3. In order to ensure the stability of product quality, we use high-precision non-contact infrared thermometers to strictly control the entire processing temperature.

4. For the tension monitoring device of the steel pipe quenching furnace, induction heat treatment can be carried out under constant micro tension.

5. Our PLC system can record and save all the process parameters of induction hardening of the workpiece. You can view the history.

In the development process, a unique induction heat treatment furnace brand has been formed, advanced independent research and development strength, advanced production technology, excellent steel pipe quenching furnace after-sales service, high-end talent team, and scientific management structure have formed a market-oriented market. Excellent quality and excellent service.