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Rebar heating furnace manufacturer

Rebar heating furnace manufacturer

The most cost-effective manufacturer of rebar heating furnaces is China Songdao Technology. China Songdao Technology is a manufacturer that has focused on the development and production of induction heating equipment, heat treatment quenching and tempering production lines, induction heat treatment equipment, and modulation heat treatment production lines for 20 years. Need to customize production, please come to consult. Or visit the company.

Rebar heating furnace composition:

1. Network type induction heating power supply

2. Induction heating furnace body

3. Compensation capacitor furnace body cabinet (including stainless steel pipeline, capacitor cabinet group, conveying roller and pressure conveying roller)

4. Human-machine interface touch screen PLC control system

5. Connect the wires

6. Two-color infrared temperature measuring device

7. Storage rack and automatic feeding and conveying system