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How to save energy in the process of using trolley furnace

How to save energy in the process of using trolley furnace

How to save energy in the process of using the trolley furnace? Today I will introduce to you.

1. When the user needs to use the trolley furnace, the refractory material will be damaged if it is used for too long. The refractory material directly affects the service life of the heat treatment furnace. After several years of use, the refractory material must be replaced to make the heat treatment equipment more energy-saving.

2. When using the trolley furnace, the user can purchase some gas energy savers and gas loss measuring instruments to analyze the loss of the heat treatment furnace, so that he can know the energy saving of heat treatment more accurately.

3. The professional operation of the operator can also help the heat treatment equipment to save energy. The safety commissioning of the Shanghai electric furnace will tell the operator how to operate the heat treatment furnace.

4. Trolley furnace manufacturers will be equipped with some professional heat treatment energy-saving accessories, and high-quality accessories will be added to achieve energy-saving effects.

5. Open the intelligent automatic control program, don’t think that the operation interference will cause a lot of work sluggishness.

6. Reasonable choice of energy, heat treatment energy can generally be divided into two categories: electricity and fuel, electricity or fuel. The fuel used for the trolley furnace depends on the production cost, energy supply conditions, the difficulty of operation and control, reliability, the characteristics of the heat treatment process and the impact on the ecological environment and other comprehensive factors.