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How to use high temperature trolley furnace more effectively

How to use high temperature trolley furnace more effectively

Users who are already using high-temperature trolley furnaces must know that some components are worn out during the use of the furnace, especially heating elements, because they heat up for a long time, so the loss is very large, and they need to be replaced after a period of use. If you don’t pay attention to it during use, it will accelerate its loss and cause its life to be shorter. This also leads to a lot of cost increase. How to use the stove more effectively is the most important thing! So how to use the stove more effectively?

1. If you want to use the high-temperature trolley furnace more effectively, you must not exceed its rated temperature to work.

2. When starting to use, do not heat up too fast. The temperature should be increased slowly in the early stage, and the heating rate can be increased in the later stage.

3. Do not heat prohibited items, flammable, explosive and corrosive items with high-temperature trolley furnaces.

4. Necessary cleaning work must be done, such as cleaning the furnace residue and the surface dust on the furnace body.

5. The high-temperature trolley furnace is suitable for long-term continuous work. It must not be stopped once, which will cause great damage to the heating element.

6. ​​Ensure that the furnace shell is full of paint, and touch up paint as soon as possible where the paint has fallen off. If there is a place where the paint is peeled off and rusted, the rusty part should be cleaned before touch-up.

7. If there are cracks in the furnace of the high-temperature trolley furnace, it should be repaired in time.

8. If the trolley furnace fails, the furnace must be shut down for maintenance immediately to avoid larger failures.