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Precautions for acceptance of laboratory purchase experimental electric furnace

Precautions for acceptance of laboratory purchase experimental electric furnace

1. Visual inspection

(1) Check whether the inner and outer packaging of the experimental electric furnace is intact, whether it is marked with a serial number, implementation standard, delivery date, manufacturer, and accepting unit;

(2) Check whether the product is in the original factory packaging, whether it is unpacked, damaged, bruised, soaked, damp, deformed, etc.;

(3) Check whether there is any damage, rust, bumps, etc. on the appearance of the experimental electric furnace and accessories;

(4) According to the contract, check whether the label has products from manufacturers outside the contract;

(5) If the above-mentioned problems are found, a detailed record should be made and photographs should be taken for evidence.

2. Quantity acceptance

(1) Based on the supply contract and packing list, check the specifications, models, and configurations of the electric furnace and accessories, and check and check one by one;

(2) Carefully check whether the equipment information is complete, such as experimental electric furnace manuals, operating procedures, maintenance manuals, product inspection certificates, warranty certificates, etc.;

(3) Look at the trademark against the contract, whether it is a three-non-product, an OEM product, or a non-contract-ordered brand product;

(4) Make a record of quantity acceptance, indicating the place, time, participants, box number, product name, and actual quantity.

3. Quality acceptance

(1) The quality acceptance shall adopt a comprehensive acceptance test, and no random inspection or missed inspection shall be allowed;

(2) Installation and testing shall be carried out in strict accordance with the terms of the contract, the instructions for use of the electric furnace, and the regulations and procedures of the operation manual;

(3) According to the description of the electric furnace, carefully conduct various technical parameter tests to check whether the technical indicators and performance of the electric furnace meet the requirements;

(4) Check and accept against the technical indicators of the electric furnace and industry needs, and only allow upward deviation, not downward deviation;

(5) When there is a quality problem in the electric furnace, the detailed information should be recorded in writing, and the product should be returned or exchanged or the manufacturer should be required to send personnel to repair it according to the situation.