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What are the advantages of air-cooled cooling system compared to water-cooled cooling system

What are the advantages of air-cooled cooling system compared to water-cooled cooling system

1. The air-cooled chiller is easy to install

Air-cooled cooling system: The air-cooled cooling system only needs belts, motors, and fans to operate normally.

Water cooling system: The water cooling system requires cooling water connection pipelines, water pumps, cooling water towers and other auxiliary cooling devices that may be required in the water towers, uninterrupted supply of cooling water, and so on.

In comparison, although the heat dissipation effect of the air-cooled system is not as good as that of the water-cooled system, the air-cooled system is, without exception, combined with the main unit of the refrigerator, so the integration is higher, so it is easier to use and more convenient to move.

2. The cooling system of the air-cooled refrigerator has a simple structure

Compared with the complicated water-cooled cooling system, the structure of the air-cooled cooling system is much simpler. The air-cooled cooling system is composed of fans, motors, transmission devices such as belts, etc. There are no other special components, long pipelines, complex structures, etc. The principle is also very simple. , to run the fan, which provides forced convection wind for the air-cooled freezer, allowing the condenser of the air-cooled freezer to dissipate heat.

The cooling system of the water-cooled refrigerator is more complicated. It not only has a long pipeline, but also requires a cooling water tower, a seasoning, a water distributor, and a water reservoir, and it needs to continuously consume the cooling water resources. Water quality has high requirements. Generally speaking, the cooling system of water-cooled refrigerators is more complicated.

3. Simple maintenance of air-cooled refrigerators

Since the structure of its air cooling system is simple, maintenance is of course relatively simple. Air-cooled refrigerators do not have the problems of condenser structure, cooling water quality, cooling tower failure, etc. that often occur in the water-cooled system of water-cooled refrigerators. Compared with water-cooled refrigerators, air-cooled refrigerators are easier to maintain! Of course, maintenance is also easier!