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How to choose the load-bearing ground for installing the refrigerator

How to choose the load-bearing ground for installing the refrigerator

1. The light weight of the refrigerator is tens of kilograms, and the weight is several hundred kilograms or even measured in tons. Therefore, when choosing a load-bearing ground for the refrigerator, it must be in place to avoid later needs due to unreasonable selection of the load-bearing ground. Transfer, this will not only need to be hoisted and moved again, but also need to refurbish the new bearing ground of the refrigerator. For the enterprise, it will also affect the normal production, and the gain will outweigh the loss.

2. The space needs to be independent means that the refrigerator is installed in an independent computer room as much as possible, and the computer room is not shared with other machines and equipment, otherwise the cooling effect of the refrigerator will be reduced to a certain extent.

3. There must be no debris around the installation and load-bearing ground of the refrigerator, otherwise, it will definitely affect the cooling effect and ventilation effect, and the refrigerator needs to be installed in a place to avoid the sun, rain and shelter, and try to be independent as much as possible. Standard equipment room, and ensure that the environment is not humid, preferably a load-bearing ground that has ground installation conditions and does not require excessive trimming.

4. Renovation of the load-bearing ground for the installation of the refrigerator: First, the load-bearing ground should be refurbished into a flat ground, but the requirements for the installation foundation of the refrigerator are not only to flatten the ground, but also to be sturdy.

In view of the above, the choice of the installation load-bearing ground for the refrigerator should be considered in terms of independent space, no surrounding debris, good heat dissipation, cooling and ventilation conditions, protection from the sun and rain, the environment is not too humid, and the load-bearing ground is easy to repair.