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A complete set of precise customized services for induction heating equipment

A complete set of precise customized services for induction heating equipment

1, site inspection design during the production process of induction electric heating equipment

Songdao Technology has a first-class induction heating equipment R&D and design technical team. After receiving the customer’s procurement requirements, Songdao Technology will arrange a professional pre-sales technical team to inspect the customer’s induction heating production site according to the customer’s process requirements. Combining the characteristics of actual materials and the space of the workshop, we provide customers with detailed design schemes of induction heating production lines, and provide better equipment selection plans and layout drawings. According to the special needs of customers’ metal workpiece processing technology, Songdao Technology specializes in customizing the design process and technology for users. The team’s expertise covers the entire process chain of the induction heating production line.

2, induction heating production line equipment finishing, precise assembly

Songdao Technology has more than ten years of experience in the development, production and processing of automatic blank induction electric heating furnace equipment. From the procurement and assembly of equipment parts, it has passed the industry’s ISO quality system certification and established a complete production quality management system. Each test (such as a test machine) has strict management quality and implementation standards. At the same time, each process is strictly in accordance with the highest standards for professional quality inspection, and each process is refined and controlled to ensure that each set of induction heating equipment of Songdao Technology is a high-quality product.

3, installation and commissioning, training guidance

Songdao Technology has a professional after-sales installation team. No matter where the customer is, as long as you choose our induction heating production line equipment, from factory planning to layout, equipment installation and commissioning, all of these are completed by the Songdao Technology team. The entire installation and commissioning process is professional, institutionalized, and pertinent, which can save customers a lot of time and space, improve equipment utilization to a greater extent, and train on-site operators to better use, maintain and maintain induction heating production line equipment .

4, professional service, always on call

After the induction heating furnace is adjusted and debugged, Songdao Technology will provide customers with professional and timely parts supply, equipment maintenance, telephone return visits, regular return visits and other services, so that each set of induction heating equipment can maintain efficient and trouble-free operation throughout the year. Every customer who purchases Songdao Technology’s induction heating equipment can use it with confidence.