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Induction heating equipment makes your products more competitive

Induction heating equipment makes your products more competitive

Compared with the foreign induction heating equipment manufacturing industry, domestic induction heating equipment is not mature enough, the experience is not enough, the technical strength is not strong enough, the manufacturing level of most manufacturers is still at the level of the earlier era, and most people in the research and development of new products All are at a standstill. Therefore, in order to survive in the ever-changing and ever-stronger market, we must break through the bottleneck of technology and production.

The diversification of the market gives us a broader space for development. Therefore, in order to do a good job in the enterprise, we will benefit from the remote development of induction heating furnaces. I believe that through the test of the market, Songdao Technology will emit more light.

Songdao Technology’s induction heating equipment is fully automatic and intelligently produced. Nowadays, the high frequency technology of various specifications and models of induction heating equipment developed by Songdao Technology is comparable to that of foreign brands. The equipment realizes fully automatic, intelligent and efficient production, and at the same time meets the relevant standards of the environmental protection department, and realizes the environmental protection and energy saving heat treatment process.