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Several precautions for the use of chiller refrigerants

Several precautions for the use of chiller refrigerants

1. The amount of refrigerant: refers to the amount of refrigerant in the chiller. The refrigerant is used as an important “medium” in the chiller. There are regulations on how much the amount of refrigerant should be added. According to different chillers The power of the refrigerant is different, and the amount of refrigerant to be charged is also different!

2. The purity of the refrigerant: Purity refers to the content of other substances in the refrigerant, which can be reflected in the actual use process according to the performance of the refrigerant, or can be detected by various refrigerant purity testing instruments.

The purity of the refrigerant can be regarded as the most important factor in the quality of the refrigerant, and the purity is very important for the chiller refrigerant.

3. Refrigerant leakage or not: Once the refrigerant leakage is found, it should be dealt with immediately. The refrigerant leakage will cause insufficient amount of refrigerant, and at the same time, it will also increase the refrigerant content in the air, which will cause danger.

Refrigerant pressure and refrigerant leakage will be related to the safety of refrigerant use. The maintenance personnel of the enterprise chiller must regularly check whether the refrigerant leaks and whether the refrigerant pressure is within the normal range to avoid danger.