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What are the characteristics of ceramic tiles made with SMC insulation board?

What are the characteristics of ceramic tiles made with SMC insulation board?


The new non-tile integral bathroom adopts high-tech SMC insulation board material, which has the characteristics of strong wear resistance, heat preservation, good skin feel, insulation, anti-aging, high temperature resistance, non-slip and water-proof, non-water absorption, easy cleaning, long service life, etc., and a variety of The specifications can meet the design requirements of different room types.

Suitable for hotels, guesthouses, hospitals, etc. Provide all the equipment in the bathroom, floor, wall, ceiling, hardware, sanitary ware, vanity, mirror, towel rack, bath towel rack, etc. at a glance!


After the product design is completed, there are no sanitary corners, easy to clean and take care of. Simple. Modern. Fashionable decoration style. The service life is more than 20 years. It saves manpower and material resources! Domestic hotels. More and more hotels use integrated bathrooms!


1. Save decoration costs: The factory specializes in production, the quality is consistent, greatly reduces on-site management costs and quality risks Benefits: Emphasis on management and lightness, no leakage, can save a lot of tedious work and various expenses such as structural reinforcement and waterproofing; dry construction, no construction waste, no noise, and the hotel can be renovated without shutting down.


2. Saving operating costs: The surface has no micro-holes, smooth and compact, no sanitary corners, and easy to clean, which can greatly save cleaning costs; the integrated waterproof plate design prevents leakage and can avoid the loss of business shutdown due to water leakage repairs; failures Very low rate, 20 years of lifetime service, greatly reducing maintenance costs; service life of more than 20 years; thermal insulation, no need to install heaters or bath heaters, saving heating costs.


3. Comprehensively upgrade the bathroom grade. Various colors and styles are available to choose and match, to create the hotel’s warmth and new high-tech materials, and the bathroom is stylish and personalized design, highlighting the taste of the hotel.