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Industrial chiller maintenance knowledge sharing

Industrial chiller maintenance knowledge sharing

1. Regarding the maintenance of industrial chillers, the first requirement is regular. , Regular maintenance of the refrigerator is very important. Regular maintenance is conducive to the normal operation of the refrigerator. If the company does not arrange a plan for regular maintenance, its maintenance effect will be greatly reduced. This is because, in the If maintenance is not carried out for a fixed period of time, the operation effect and cooling efficiency of the refrigerator may be reduced to a certain extent, and some parts of the refrigerator may even fail, which will not only affect the cooling efficiency, but also reduce the production efficiency and efficiency of the enterprise. , and will greatly reduce the service life of the refrigerator.

2. In addition to regular maintenance, the maintenance of the refrigerator has a certain focus.

First of all, short-term maintenance should focus on the condenser, evaporator and other aspects of the refrigerator.

For short-term maintenance, focus on components that require frequent maintenance, such as condensers and evaporators.

Secondly, long-term maintenance should focus on refrigerants, refrigeration lubricants and other aspects.

For long-term maintenance, attention should be paid to refrigerants and refrigeration lubricants for refrigerators.

In addition, it is also necessary to consider that some parts need to be maintained at any time, such as filter driers, etc., which should be cleaned and replaced, and must not be delayed.