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Induction hardening of linear guide

Induction hardening of linear guide

Linear guides are also called linear guides, slides, linear guides, and linear slides. They are used in linear reciprocating motion applications. They have a higher rated load than linear bearings, and can bear a certain torque at the same time. Accurate linear motion.

The advantages of linear guide quenching equipment are as follows:

1. Using IGBT as the main device and full-bridge inverter.

2. Designed with 100% load continuity rate, it can work continuously.

3. Perfect protection function and high reliability.

4. It can be remotely controlled and connected to infrared temperature measurement to realize automatic temperature control, improve heating quality and simplify worker operations.

5. Replace oxyacetylene flame, coke furnace, salt bath furnace, gas furnace, oil furnace and other heating methods.

6. Using frequency automatic tracking and multi-channel closed loop control

7. Simple installation and convenient operation.

However, any kind of machine tool guideway quenching equipment must be verified by time, and there are some shortcomings that need to be overcome. The following are some of the shortcomings of the existing linear guideway quenching equipment on the market. A user in Zhejiang bought this kind of equipment on the market before. equipment. Some questions have been reported, and it is worth thinking about. I hope to give you some tips:

1. This machine tool guide rail quenching equipment is a series resonance circuit, and the guide rail quenching hardness is uneven and the consistency is poor.

2. The guide rail has large quenching deformation.

2. It is not conducive to the formation of effective martensite structure.