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What are the precautions for refractory brick construction?

What are the precautions for refractory brick construction?

1. When using refractory bricks, clean the dust and slag scraps on the inner wall of the kiln shell to avoid loosening.

2. The inside of the kiln shell should be flat without unevenness, let alone tilted.

3. The gap between refractory bricks is controlled within 1.5mm~2mm.

4. Use special cement for refractory bricks to bond refractory bricks.

5. Leave a little expansion joint between the refractory bricks.

6. The lining of important parts and parts with complex shapes should be pre-laid first.

7. The lock seam should be firm. When processing bricks, bricks should be finely processed with a brick cutter, and hand-processed bricks should not be used; the capping bricks in the rotary kiln and under the brick slabs should not be less than 70% of the original bricks; the joint bricks and curved bricks on the plane In, not less than 1/2 of the original brick. It must be locked with original bricks. The processing surface of the brick should not face the inner side of the furnace.

8. Refractory bricks must be stored in a dry warehouse.

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