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Automatic crankshaft quenching machine

Automatic crankshaft quenching machine

The total length of the crankshaft is within 1500mm, 14 quenching parts, and the productivity is 40 pieces/h.

1) Transistor power supply (300kW, 8kHz).

2) Quenching machine tool and control cabinet: gantry structure, with two quenching stations, feeding through the walking beam mechanism, the first station quenching the main neck I, H, dish, IV, V, VI, W, the second station Position quenching connecting rod neck 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and the oil seal on the far right, one power supply for one station, quenching two journals at a time, except for the oil seal. The capacitor cabinet is installed above the machine tool, and each journal is equipped with a set of quenching transformer and inductor.

3) The flow rate of the electrical equipment cooling water circulation device is 13.5m3/ho

4) The quenching liquid cooling circulation device has a flow rate of 16.8m3/h.

5) Bucket chain tempering furnace and control cabinet: a special fixture is hung on the chain, and the material is fed and discharged according to the production cycle through a mechanical transmission. The tempering furnace temperature is 180~200T, and the tempering time is 2h.

6) After tempering, the crankshaft cooling device is used to cool the tempered crankshaft to less than 30 dragons for subsequent processing.