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What are the characteristics of SMC insulation board

What are the characteristics of SMC insulation board

SMC insulation board has certain resistance, not only in its detailed application field, but also in its functional characteristics, so in order to further understand the details of the product, let’s briefly understand it next.

1. High temperature resistance function: the glass transition temperature is as high as 143℃, the melting point is 343℃, after being filled with GF or CF, the heat distortion temperature is as high as 315℃ and above, and the long-term use temperature is 260℃.

2. Hydrolysis resistance: long-term immersion in high temperature steam and hot water can still maintain good mechanical functions. It is a variety with better hydrolysis resistance among all resins.

3. Chemical resistance: In addition to the corrosion of strong oxidizing acids such as high concentration of concentrated sulfuric acid, SMC insulation board has a chemical resistance similar to PTFE resin, and it can retain its mechanical functions in various chemical reagents, which is more Excellent anti-corrosion material.

4. Radiation resistance and weather resistance: SMC insulation board has excellent resistance to various radiations, can enjoy the radiation of gamma rays and maintain its various characteristics, and can be used in various harsh environments.

The durability of SMC insulation board can be said to have played a very important effect in the future use. Of course, if we can’t master some methods and skills in time, problems will easily occur, so for better use, we must Learn to master some basic operation methods.