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Different performance differences of chillers

Different performance differences of chillers

1. Air-cooled chiller

Since the air-cooled chiller does not need the help of any cooling tower, the domestic chiller factory has relatively high technical requirements for the production of air-cooled chillers, and it is discarded in areas where water resources are relatively scarce, so choose high-quality air-cooled chiller equipment. It is very good and can achieve the purpose of saving water. At the same time, the high-quality air-cooled chiller is designed with a high-quality low-noise motor. Even after a long period of operation, there will be no adverse reactions, so as to ensure the smooth operation of the air-cooled chiller. run.

2. Water-cooled chiller

As the name implies, water-cooled chillers need to use abundant water sources. In the process of daily use, due to the importance of water sources, water-cooled chillers adopt fully automatic control methods and are equipped with high-quality electric temperature controllers, which can meet the daily business use. Due to the use of water source as the basic cooling method, the operation is relatively stable, which can meet the production needs of different enterprises and is suitable for long-term use.