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Introduction to the installation method of box-type resistance furnace

Introduction to the installation method of box-type resistance furnace

Many customers don’t know how to install box-type resistance furnaces or don’t know enough about the installation of resistance furnaces. What are the correct installation methods and steps for resistance furnaces? Today, the editor of Huarong will talk to you.

When the box-type resistance furnace arrives at the installation site, first check whether the furnace surface is damaged, and at the same time check whether the accessories and materials are complete. After the inspection is completed, there is no problem before the installation starts.

1. Carry out civil construction according to the furnace size and installation situation of the box-type resistance furnace provided by the manufacturer. The installation conditions submitted by the manufacturer must be met to avoid problems later.

2. The box-type resistance furnace has relatively high requirements for the environment. The workshop needs to have a clean environment, a flat floor, and a ventilation to meet the requirements.

3. After unpacking the resistance furnace, check for physical damage such as cracks, deformation, etc. on the outside and inside.

4. Under the manufacturer’s guidance, conduct a test run of the resistance furnace to find out if there are any problems, such as failure to heat.

The above is the installation method of the box-type electric furnace. Since the electric furnace is a whole, no additional installation is required. The installation is still very simple, mainly the fixed link in the plant.