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How to prevent the ice blockage of the chiller?

How to prevent the ice blockage of the chiller?

1. Develop good habits

The so-called good habits refer to the need to provide suitable rest time for the freezer in order to keep the freezer in a high-efficiency operation state and maintain the stable performance of the freezer when the enterprise uses the freezer. Any equipment in the non-stop working state is prone to various failures. After running for a period of time, develop the habit of resting the freezer, which can melt all kinds of residual fine ice cubes, thus completely preventing the occurrence of ice blockage in the freezer. Fault.

2. Regularly de-icing the freezer

Backed by good habits, businesses need to develop a careful maintenance plan. After the refrigerator has been used for a certain period of time, the enterprise must conduct comprehensive inspection and maintenance of key equipment. To ensure that the freezer will not be affected by any failures in the later operation, effectively increasing the operating efficiency of the freezer.