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What are the factors that affect the international induction heating furnace?

What are the factors that affect the international induction heating furnace?

With the continuous development of induction heating furnaces, the international business of induction heating furnaces is also expanding, and its influence in the international market is also increasing. According to the new data, induction heating furnaces have gradually integrated into the international market, the international value of products has been increasing, the international scope has been expanding, and the products have been exported to many countries and regions. With the large number of international products, some factors that are not conducive to the internationalization of induction heating furnaces also broke out.


1. The production scale is small and the technology content is low

There are many manufacturers of induction heating furnaces in China, but most of them are small-scale induction heating furnace manufacturers that have just developed. Some large-scale induction heating furnace manufacturers are few, few, and almost none. What is more serious is the level of technological innovation of these manufacturers. Not high, slow to develop new products. To this end, Songdao Technology is increasing the cultivation of innovative talents and increasing technological innovation.

2. Lack of well-known brands

Due to the late start of the development of induction heating furnaces, there are still no well-known brands in the international market for induction heating furnaces. We all know that good brands can attract more consumers. With economic development, more and more consumers pay more and more attention to product quality and after-sales service. Therefore, improving brand awareness and product quality is also our top priority.