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What are the components of the round steel induction heating equipment?

What are the components of the round steel induction heating equipment?

Round steel induction heating equipment, which can perform overall penetration heat treatment for round steel of φ10mm-φ200mm, including partial heat treatment. Since customers need to heat a variety of different workpieces, it is necessary to use the corresponding specifications of the induction furnace to improve the heating efficiency of the equipment, and the single-station heating method is adopted. The heating furnace adopts a quick replacement method, and the furnace body can be replaced in order when the product specifications are changed.

What does the round steel induction heating equipment include?

Induction heating power supply, power supply cooling system, automatic feeder, pneumatic pushing device, external operation table, circulating cooling system, etc. The induction heating furnace can be selected according to the needs of users high frequency heating furnace or medium frequency induction heating furnace.

Features of round steel induction heating equipment:

The use of IGBT induction heating power supply is very different from the traditional intermediate frequency power supply; automatic feeding saves electricity, environmental protection, reduces costs and labor expenditures, and facilitates the replacement of the furnace body to meet the different requirements of round steel heating or end heating; installation , The debugging and operation are very convenient, simple and easy to learn, so that the round steel can be heated to the required temperature in a short time.