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Shaft induction hardening equipment

Shaft induction hardening equipment

The medium and high frequency induction heating equipment produced by our company can perform medium and high frequency quenching on various shafts. The models are complete, including 36KW, 50KW, 80KW, 120KW, 160KW, 200KW, 300KW, 500KW and a variety of special complete sets of equipment, depending on the user Different types of induction heating equipment can be selected according to the requirements and different sizes of the workpieces, and high-end tailor-made can also be carried out.

In this case, the shaft high-frequency quenching equipment used is WH-VIII-120 super-audio frequency quenching equipment, the frequency is 20-30KHZ, the quenching machine is a vertical CNC quenching machine, the hardened layer is 2-3.5mm., the hardened layer is uniform, and the hardness is moderate. .

This equipment can meet various quenching process requirements for optical shafts, spline shafts and gear shafts with a diameter of 110mm.

At the same time, it can also be used for high-frequency quenching of gears, motorcycles/auto parts, hardware tools, machine tool guides, inner walls of pump pipes, etc., such as disks, inner holes, and planes, and it has a wide range of applications.

main feature:

1. Using digital control system, advanced performance, easy to use, accurate positioning, can meet the quenching requirements of complex workpieces to the greatest extent.

2. Diversified quenching methods, including continuous scanning quenching, simultaneous segmented quenching, continuous scanning quenching, and segmented simultaneous quenching.

3. It can quench the surface of shaft parts, discs, inner holes, end faces and other parts.

4. High degree of automation, programming according to the workpiece process, automatically completes heating, rotation, spraying, and quick return