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Leak detection method of chiller

Leak detection method of chiller

The first method – soapy water to detect leaks

Soapy water leak detection is the most common method. In the process of configuring soapy water, it is necessary to use soapy water with a suitable concentration. If the concentration is high, it will affect the overall leak detection effect, as long as the soapy water can adhere to the equipment. At the same time, after completing the leak detection of the system, it is necessary to remove the soapy water in time to avoid serious problems such as corrosion caused by long-term adhesion.

The second method – special instrument to detect leakage

The commonly used equipment is halogen lamp and halogen meter to complete the leakage detection of the chiller. By injecting Freon refrigerant, flames of different colors will be generated after encountering the hot copper parts. As long as the flame leaks, it can be quickly and effectively detected. The location of leakage is convenient for timely completion of treatment.

The third method – vacuum environment to detect leaks

Using the vacuum environment to detect the leakage problem of the chiller is the most accurate, because the entire pipeline needs to be completely evacuated during the detection process, and then by measuring the pressure, it can be judged whether there is leakage in the chiller, etc. As long as the leakage will inevitably affect The ability to evacuate, especially for the test of hermetic compressors, has the most obvious effect, and can complete the detection and repair of all leakage points in a relatively short period of time.